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 Price, Anthony Matthew, 17|student|HC
Fire Manipulation
It's always been you
played by Jade

 Posted on: Jul 2 2014, 11:17 PM
Anthony Matthew Price III

Fire Manipulation

General »
Nickname: Tony (if someone calls him one)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birth-date: (June 7th, 1997)
Birthplace: New Port Beach California
Group Affiliation: Student
Subject: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Face Claim: Hayden Christensen

Appearance »
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Height: 6'
Build: Athletic
Scars: Nothing out of the norm for a hot headed teenage boy.
Tattoos: One on his left bicep of a cross with two sets of initials around it and one of a gun with a rosary around it on his right side around his rib cage.
Piercings: three in his left ear .. two in the lobe and one in the cartilage.

Personality »
  • the beach
  • cooking
  • the piano
  • sports (mostly football)

  • authority figures
  • religion
  • rules
  • liars

  • Hurting someone more than just dishing out a black eye
  • Being killed
  • Not being able to control what ever is wrong with him
  • the unknown
Other Information:
  • carries his mothers rosary in his pocket and wears her silver cross around his neck. but doesn't believe in god.

Brief Summary:
Of the three siblings Anthony is the most hot headed. He has a short fuse. And when he's set off fists start flying. Other than his temper, he's usually pretty quiet. He usually doesn't much go out of his way to talk to people. If he knows you then he'd have no problem talking but if you're a stranger he doesn't know or trust good luck getting him to say more than five words to you. If some how you manage to get passed all the walls he's put up he's a very loyal friend. He'll stand by you through what ever and even offer to give someone a bloody nose for upsetting his friends. Hell sometimes he doesn't even offer he just goes and does it. He sure isn't afraid to throw a punch. Or to have one tossed his way. He wears a black eye well. He doesn't much believe in any religion. His mother had been Catholic and had taken him to church when he was little. But when she died he decided if there was a god he wouldn't take away a boys mother. And because that happened to him it must have meant there was no god up there.

Power Description »
Anthony can create fire from his body. Nothing like the human torch from the fantastic four, at least not that he's ever seen. More just from his fingers and hands. The boys body temperature could heat an entire room. He's noticed that his abilities are only ever more noticeable when he's angry. But as a teenage boy he spends most of his days that way. So he needs to learn to control things or the next time something catches on fire things could end very badly.

History »
Life before Anthony turned 9 was great. He lived the life of luxury. His father was a business man who made tons of money. He spent most of his time in the kitchen with his mother. She was a great cook, and he loved that she let him 'help' her make the food. She always gave him little jobs that made him feel useful while he watched and learned. She always seemed closer to him than either of the other children. Being in the kitchen and walks on the beach were their favorite things to do together.

When Anthony was 9 his parents were killed leaving him with just his brother Jason and his sister Cordelia. He saw everything that happened to his parents. This left Cordelia to take care of him and Jason at the young age of 18. Being so young it forced her into the very same business that killed their father to provide for them. He never told anyone he saw the faces of the men who shot his father, and who beat his mother and took her off and probably killed her when they were finished with her. This made Anthony pull away from his brother and sister. He knew things that they didn't and couldn't understand.

Right around the age of 13 or 14 Anthony had been pushed to far own day and lost his temper, that's when he noticed the fire literally in his hands for the first time. Just one more secret he had to hide. People who were different in society were killed. He wasn't stupid, he saw it in all the movies. This was just one more thing that made him withdraw. It worried Cordelia to see him so obviously hiding stuff. And when he just stopped going to school she decided to push him a little harder. And by the age of 15 every time he got angry his hands were smoking hot if not actually on fire. One day she pushed him to hard and lost his temper with her, burned a hole in the wall behind her. She knew then that he didn't belong out in the world the way he was .. he'd kill someone. So she kept him home for a few months while she figured out a place to send him. Once she found a place she sent him off to a school for people like him. A place in Vermont. Sure she wasn't happy it was on the other side of the country but he needed to go and they would just have to deal.

OOC Name: Jade
Contact(s): aim - ktbspa90 or pm
How did you find us? an ad .. i think .. maybe on caution
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played by Silver

 Posted on: Jul 3 2014, 06:40 PM

With great pleasure, I officially accept this application! Yaaaay! I have to say, I love this guy's name. It's so prim and proper. lol Poor guy though! Glad to see he's hanging around Silas!

Welcome to emPOWERED! Now that your character's application has been accepted, please remember to do your claims as soon as possible and fill in your mini-profiles! But most importantly, have fun!!!

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