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 Leveret, Rhettison Theodore, 16 || Student || Power Replication
Power Replication
"To die would be an awefully big adventure"
played by PRINCE

 Posted on: Jan 8 2018, 02:34 PM
Rhettison Theodore
Power Replication
General »

Nickname: Rhett, Theo, Rhetty
Gender: Male
Birth-date: August 31st, 2000
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance »

Eye color: Ocean Blue
Hair color: Sandy Brown
Height: 5'7
Build: Ectomorph
Scars:  A scar just below his lip (fell over as a kid and bit through it)
Tattoos: None at the moment.
Piercings: None at the moment.

Basics »

  • The Beach.
  •  Photography.
  •  Animals -- Mostly Cats, Dogs and Robins.
  •  Music -- Playing them, is actually rather good at playing the piano and guitar.

  •  Liars -- Especially when it's to his face.
  • Assholes -- Generally the people being dicks part.
  • Being left out of the party.
  • People that think they are better than others.

  •  Not figuring out how to control/Define his power (being able to just isolate one power to use)
  •  Confined Spaces
  •  Crowded Places
  •  Losing his younger brother
  • Needles/Hospitals
Other Information:

Power Description » Power Replication
Rhett has the power to mimic and replicate powers of those that he has touched, up to 3 is the maximum that he is able to copy for the time being, he also is only able to switch between the powers he has copied but it leaves him vulnerable (powerless) for at least 5 minutes whilst he switches as it takes time for his body to adapt to the change.

With regards to the maximum of being able to copy 2 powers, it's literally when he touches someone the 1st power he copied will be replaced and so fourth, like a chain. At the current moment he cannot control when he copies a power so what powers he currently has are always varied to the point that even he doesn't know which powers he'd be popping out with.

The main weakness to his power is not only does he not know how to use the powers as effectively as the original owner he copied them from, which means that til he understands his own power and how it works that whenever he uses anyone elses power he doesn't use them as effectively, but they also leave an imprint on him with regards to the persons personality. But that part is mostly due to with the physical contact it causes a temporary mental link with the target.

Freeform »
Rhettison was born and bred in Dublin, Ireland. Life was simple, green but simple until a day when he was 13 (around a time his powers manifested and unbeknown to him, he had copied insanity aura, which mostly affected his Father) his Dad ended up causing severe harm to his wife -- Which ultimately sent him to prison and left his Mother in the hospital for a fair few months, in which time he and his younger brother Alex spent living with someone who 'claimed' she was his Auntie.

It didn't take Rhett long to find out that he had powers, when he ended up conjouring a ball of fire within his bedroom and setting the place on fire when he threw it --- But for some odd reason his Auntie was well prepared, it was as if she knew he had powers even before he did, in all honesty he didn't want to have powers as he just wanted a normal life and to be back with his Mother and little brother. So being weirded out he dragged his brother back to their home and took their Mother out of the hospital since she was better, but even that too wasn't to last.

Due to what had happened to her, it caused her to have terrible out brakes which was mostly aimed towards him (something he calmly dealt with as he knew it was not her fault) but one day it was aimed towards Alex which was viewed by a neighbor and she was taken into a mental institute and un-able to look after her kids, they were moved into custody of his Auntie.

Upon turning the age 16, the three of them ended up moving to America and Rhett was placed into a school for 'special' people --- His auntie didn't exactly explain it to him properly, but he soon quickly understood that it was for people with powers, the pair had a rather indepth talk where he found out that she was able to see people who had powers describing them in colours and the variant meanings behind them. She explained that with his power, it was a dangerous one and one that he really needed to learn to control as it could cause harm to others.

Thus brings us to the here and now, an Irish boy within America, learning to deal with his powers and the likes.

OOC Name: Prince
Face Claim: Sean O'Donnell
How did you find us? Google
Wolfie Cuteness
Crazy Cat Lady
What can I say? I'm just an awesome person yeah?
played by Silver

 Posted on: Jan 8 2018, 10:39 PM

WHOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm super stoked to have Rhett on the site, Princey! He seems like a pretty cool kind of dude, and I'm excited to see how his powers impact his life in Highcrest and Silas! Officially ACCEPTED!

Welcome to emPOWERED! Now that your character's application has been accepted, please remember to do your claims as soon as possible and fill in your mini-profiles! But most importantly, have fun!!!

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