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 Kennedy, Steve, 25 | Material recreation
Material recreation
Some of us need a little more adrenaline and a little less expectation
played by Echo

 Posted on: Oct 9 2016, 01:07 AM
Steven Alexander
Material recreation
General »

Nickname: Steve
Gender: Male
Birth-date: October 31, 1990
Birthplace: Boston, MA
Sexuality: Bicurious

Appearance »

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Height: 5’10
Build: Solid
Scars: Nothing significant
Tattoos: Barcode on his left wrist with text on the bottom: “COPY 1 OF 2”
Piercings: Ears

Basics »

  • His power
  • Annoying the crap out of his twin
  • Making random stuff without telling said twin
  • Football - the Patriots are his team and he used to play for the Longhorns
  • Driving fast cars and showing off

  • Cramped spaces (read: dorm rooms)
  • School and studying and all that
  • Spending a long time on one thing
  • Waking up with the most random stuff in his room
  • His baby face

  • Losing his twin
  • Long-term commitment
  • His family trying to get him to make more of himself
  • That he’ll regret dropping out of college one day… just like his parents say
  • That the Kennedy curse is real
Other Information:
  • Was a RB for the Texas Longhorns but dropped out of college
  • Currently an EMT at Highcrest Hospital
  • Is a licensed helicopter pilot
  • Has a very hard time backing down from challenges
  • Co-owner of The Kennedy Curse, a paranormal hunting blog with a fairly decent-sized fanbase

Power Description »
Steve’s power is very much one half of a whole. Though the title reads ‘material recreation’, there is a very heavy emphasis on the recreation. He is technically able to create anything he wants - with a catch. The amount and type of matter that he “uses” in his creations must be taken from somewhere else, namely from whatever his twin destroys. If he creates something but Danno hasn’t destroyed anything, the next thing that Danno touches will be destroyed until the matter balance is restored.

While Danno “destroys” matter, Steve has the ability to change the shape of whatever his twin has destroyed to create a completely new object - or objects. There is a time limit to when Steve is able to change the form of the matter available to him. Once that time limit is up, he will “spontaneously create” whatever it was that was destroyed, just how Danno would spontaneously destroy things. Technically, it’s one-way object teleportation. This is often the bane of his life as if his twin gets intoxicated and destroys stuff when Steve is asleep, he’ll wake up with a bunch of random stuff in his room. It has happened before and it will likely happen again.

As with all powers, there are limitations. The closer the twins are together physically, the larger amounts of matter they are able to respectively create and destroy. At the twenty five mile mark, their powers are severely weakened and as soon as they are too far apart - as in more than fifty miles, their abilities stop working at all - Steve is unable to create anything and Danno is unable to destroy anything.

Freeform »
There are more than 166,000 people in the United States with the last name ‘Kennedy’, but the odds are, if you’re talking about ‘The Kennedy Family’ the one you’re talking about hails from Boston, Massachusetts and has been prominent in business, public service and politics since around 1884. It’s a genealogy that brings with it the weight of expectations, cameras and a certain level of fame. Not even the lesser branches of the clan can escape the limelight. On Halloween, 1990, the only set of twins in the family was born to a local level politician and major banking business man of the Kennedy Clan. The twins were born the last two children of Patrick J. Kennedy Sr. following two older brothers and one older sister.

( Danno: “Get a load of this! They’re makin’ us sound like effin’ royals!” )

Steven Alexander Kennedy was born first, followed a couple hours later by identical twin Daniel Nicholas Kennedy. (Danno: “They seriously had to point out that we’re identical? And since when does anyone use our full names- y’know, nevermind. Whatever…” ) While oldest brother, Patrick J. Kennedy Jr. carried the weight of his parents’ expectations of greatness, the twins would not be spared their own share of expectation. As toddlers, they were often in family photos and seen out with their mother and siblings who affectionately call them Steve and Danny. ( Danno: “DANNY!? What the shit?” ) The youngest of the family did not remain in the public eye long. Shortly after a mysterious and unfortunate incident in their second week of pre-school at a prestigious Catholic academy in Boston, the pair fell out of public eye. It became rare to see them outside of staged family photos or the rare publicized outing. The cause for this sudden removal from the public eye is believed to have been behavioral problems- A sound of incredible frustration left the younger of the twins as he crumpled the magazine in his hands, compacting it into a small ball before it started to turn to ash as though he’d torched it, eventually breaking down to the point it no longer existed leaving behind only the smell of burnt paper. The reporter who had written it sat shocked on the couch in the Kennedy family home where oldest brother Patrick Junior was operating his campaign out of. “Did anyone actually read this load of B-S before it went out in print!?” He spoke to the room in his usual Bostonian accent complete with extraneous ‘R’s, randomly dropped ‘R’s and ‘broad’ vowels. “Only the easy parts are right. I’ve never been called Danny. Steve! Has anyone ever called me ‘Danny’?”

The elder twin wandered in from the kitchen, mouth clearly full of a bite of the sandwich he had in one hand. “What?” He asked, mouth still half full as he leaned against the doorjamb. Clearly, he wasn’t listening, which earned him a very unimpressed and slightly annoyed expression from his twin.

“Has anyone ever called me Danny?” He repeated the question.

Not even missing a beat and completely unfazed by the scathing look he had been given, Steve answered. “Not if they don’t want to end up with a black eye.” And then it was back to his sandwich.

Briefly, Danno stared at his twin, eyes narrowed as he contemplated the merits of abandoning this whole mess in favor of a sandwich himself. A sandwich had to be more satisfying. No. No, it would have to wait as long as there were people in the world who called him ‘Danny’. That had his attention shifting back. “Thank you. It’s ’Danno’.”

The reporter hurried to get a notepad and start taking notes. “And how did you get the nickname ‘Danno’?”

“Steve?” Danno turned his eyes back to his brother, this time pleading for his twin to answer for him.

“Because he’s a stubborn SOB.” Steve answered dutifully, a pronounced smirk on his face.

“Because I kept yelling ‘Dan - No!’ at him as he ran rambunctiously all over the house getting into everything that wasn’t nailed shut and the twins came to think that I was yelling ‘Danno’ and that it was his name,” finally their mother decided to join them, one arm crossed as she extended the other as if expecting to be given something, “May I see the first draft of this article that you’re harassing this reporter about?”

“No.” Danno answered, short and soft, shifting in his seat like he knew that was the wrong answer.

“Why not? Steven?” Their Ma’s eyes went to the older twin, expecting him to squeal on his brother.

“What?” He asked, almost sullenly, suddenly a lot more interested in his sandwich than he had been before. Danno wasn’t much better, suddenly finding his fingernails absolutely fascinating. She looked between them both suspiciously before pressing a kiss to the top of Danno’s head and then moving to get Steve on the cheek.

“Then, you’re on your own.” As soon as she was gone, Danno relaxed.

“Hey Danno, what else does the paper say about us?” Steve asked, mostly out of curiosity.

“How the hell am I supposed to know? It’s been toasted.” Danno answered, giving his twin an exasperated look.

“Read it,” Steve ordered, tossing the last bite of sandwich in his mouth. A familiar looking ball of paper appeared in his hand, which he threw at his twin’s head with almost startling accuracy. With that same startling accuracy, Danno caught the familiar ball of glossy paper in his hands. He’d had a football thrown at his head often enough, after all. Through all this, the reporter got a concerned look on his face, ignoring the twins to instead search for the source of an unfamiliar sound. A look down to his foot and he found it - skunks. Two skunks. In the house. A shout left him before Danno could even speak up to swear at his own twin.

“What the-- Danno, what’d you do?” Steve exclaimed.

“I didn’t do anything!” Danno protested, dropping the balled up paper to get to his feet before a skunk could be trampled by the excited reporter.

“Skunks! There’s skunks!” Apparently, the reporter hadn’t seen pet skunks in his life.

“Yep. That’s Pepe and Flower. And you’re probably scaring them. You know what happens when you piss off a--”

“Steven Alexander Kennedy!” Ma’s voice resounded through the living room, “Daniel Nicholas Kennedy, you two are done here. Take your pets and stop harassing the poor reporter! He’s trying to do you two a favor!”

“Right. Uh huh,” Steve nodded, barely refraining from rolling his eyes.

“Trying to do Paddy a favor…” Danno muttered, holding Flower to his chest to calm him back down. The skunks really wouldn’t spray - they couldn’t - but the reporter didn’t need to know that. He shrunk a little, looking somewhat ashamed when his mother came past him, returning to the room to take the reporter by the elbow, a forced pleasantness returning to her face.

“Come with me, Mister…?”

“Smith, ma’am. Roger Smith,” the reporter was quick to utter out, looking back at the twins and their skunks like they were mad. Ma Kennedy just led the man out, small smile pulling on her face.

“Mr. Smith. I’d say I’m sorry about them, but it’s terribly rude to lie. So I won’t. Your article was absurd - yes, I did read it - and you will write a new one. You better listen very carefully now, because we’re only going through this once…” and she had the man’s absolute attention, “No child of mine was ever kicked out of school. Our twins were removed for home tutoring until they were able to return. At which time, they went to a private academy in Boston before going to another private academy, for gifted students out of state…”

The next week, a new article was out. It gave a much better view of the twins’ early childhood, correctly addressed Daniel as ‘Danno’, and not once was Silas mentioned by name. That the twins were special in ways not at all normal was a family secret. Closely guarded and never mentioned.

... after which, the twins followed in the footsteps of the Kennedys before them, going to attend Milton Academy for grades eleven and twelve. Steven received a scholarship to the University of Texas. Daniel was accepted into Harvard - as so many Kennedys before him - though opted to join his twin in Texas where he would major in Architecture. Much to the disappointment of many sports fans, Steven opted out of college after completing his sophomore year to pursue a career as an emergency medical technician. A noble move that his family would respect, a move supportive of the public service role so many of the family have tried to fill. And Daniel would graduate with his Masters in architecture. From there, the twins would move to Highcrest, Vermont where they live currently. Great things are expected from the pair in the coming years.

This new version of the article Danno just tossed aside, clearly not disappointed with it. Not that he had a choice. It was Ma’s words. Her work. Carefully crafted. “They actually made it sound like we aren’t disappointments to our parents. I’m almost impressed. Didn’t mention once how they want us to do more.”

“Like how they always try to get me into practicing for scouts in hopes they can get me onto the Patriots?” Steve asked idly. “Or just back to finishing college?”

“Yeah. Not mentioned once. Neither were our boots. You know this means we’re going to hear twice the earful from Ma when we go home again, right?” Danno rolled his head to look at his brother.

Steve grimaced. “Don’t even mention it. My neck already feels uncomfortable and I don’t even own a tie in this state. Maybe we should just not go home.”

OOC Name: Echo
Face Claim: Taron Egerton
How did you find us? Ahem. I’m the one asking the questions here

Awesome Sauce
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played by Jezzy McJezzerton

 Posted on: Oct 12 2016, 08:49 PM

The twins, the twins, the twins! What the heck is the curse thing? And the paranormal hunting blog? Super legit! XD I can't wait to see Steve-o in action, and mayhap I'll even get to thread with him! 8o <3

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