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 Myst's LOA's
played by Mysti

 Posted on: Jul 22 2017, 11:57 PM
As you guys know I've gotten a house and started to move into it and was internetless for a few days. Now, I DO have internet, however, over the next week I will have ZERO time to be around other than on my phone at work and I can't post on that thing. I might have some time to post on this coming Monday but I highly doubt it - though I might be around while I put what we did move away and organize it all ) but the only times we can move is when I'm done with work at 8pm every night during the week and, after that I have no motivation to do anything but shower and sleep.

So, this is basically going to be a two in one LOA.

First LOA: I will not be around much as I stated above until Aug 1st. Then I will only be around for about a week ish.

Second LOA: I will then be going on vacation out of the country from Aug 5-23 (or 19th and then have three days to chill with you guys, I have no idea yet) and up there the internet connection is limited to none, often times. So the chances of me being around for those days is VERY slim. There's no cell reception or data on that for me as, you know, out of the country and all so I won't even have that unless the wifi decides to work.

I WILL BE BACK! So don't fret. I just have a lot of things happening all at once. So, that's all I need to say. <3
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