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 The Cost of Power
Physical Disruption
played by Echo

 Posted on: Jan 14 2017, 01:13 PM
Day after day, Kris was getting used to… life. He still despised the cold but he made do since it was still… better than before. He hated being uprooted and taken somewhere else though, so he was adamant to get used to it - or as used to it as he could. At least it wasn't cold all the time here; there were times when it was warm enough that he actually felt uncomfortable in long pants, long sleeved shirts, scarves and hats. He'd had a complete wardrobe overhaul; that had upset him but Kris understood why it happened.

Still didn't mean he was fond of change.

Kris was a creature of habits. Just as he liked order, he liked having a routine and he wasn’t fond of breaking it. All things considered, he was fairly predictable in his ways and he had no problem with that. He’d grown used to the security that Highcrest offered and he wasn’t as jumpy as he used to be. Kind of. Kris was always jumpy but certain things helped - like having the dog with them. Sammy was more than accommodating of his need to be around him whenever he was out and about and in turn, Kris was accommodating of Sammy’s need to be out and about a lot. It was much easier when it was warm outside. The sun still felt a little strange but he would take it over the cold any day.

Today, he remembered that he was supposed to meet with Evie. Technology still wasn’t a thing that Kris was used to and though he would carry a phone around, he almost never touched the device except for occasionally reporting that it was “dead”. Or rather, out of battery. To him, it had as much use as a rock. He even ignored any noises it made. Mostly, he just counted days and remembered when he was supposed to meet Evie. It was today. Not that it was particularly difficult to figure out since they did see each other quite often so he treated his like any other meeting - because it was.

Sammy already knew what was happening and was trying to get him to hurry up with the whole getting shoes for the outside thing. Kris ignored the dog. He was good at ignoring things. Soon enough, they were on their way to the park, out in the warm sunshine. Kris had to admit that he felt extremely free out here. Maybe he felt a little bit exposed in his t shirt and shorts but he could see that he wasn't the only one wearing such clothing - or the only one with tattoos. He liked knowing that he wouldn't stand out; he wasn't a fan of attention.

Soon enough, they were there at the spot that they always met at. Kris tended to arrive early to let Sammy have some off leash time and that was exactly what happened; he arrived, unleashed Sammy and just stood at the edge of the path and watched the dog run free since there were no open benches.

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