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 Plot, plot, plot!
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 Posted on: Feb 16 2016, 07:18 PM
The Vox Evolutis have been stepping up their game while the Mortali Revolutis are desperately trying to catch up. On Valentine’s Day, a protest outside of the Highcrest city police department turned to pandemonium after a member of the Revos dropped Unity Flyers informing citizens of their fight against the Vox. Within the crowd, the Vox had planted a man tasked with starting a riot among the citizen of Highcrest. He succeeded in his mission. Within minutes, downtown Highcrest was a fury of fire bolts, lightning storms, and a healthy spray of tear gas and bean bags. Stores were looted. Innocent bystanders were injured. It took hours for the police to calm everyone down and arrest several instigators. The damage, however, was done. The bubble holding back the Vox and Revos finally burst. It would be all out war, now.

On the sidelines an eager, young reporter caught everything on camera. Vikki Hale pushes to have her tape containing undeniable mutant activity released to the public. Mutants everywhere will be outed if the video is leaked. The fate of the future is uncertain. The only thing that is certain is change.

Feel free to mention the riot in your work or have threads about it. Not sure about something? Ask one of your lovely admins (Silver, Vel, Jez, or Time – if you don’t know us by now for shame!).
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