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Healing Factor
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 Posted on: Nov 14 2016, 02:01 AM

Ashley 'Ash' Sinclair
• 32 • Wound Transferal • Big Brother •

This... request probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise to people. I've been toying with the idea of requesting Ash -- Emerson's older brother -- since I wrote Emerson, so yeaaah. Here we are. I don't have a lot of SUPER CONCRETE details for him, so feel free to let your imagination go wild if you do decide to pick him up and play him. The face is also up for changes too. I just chose Garret Hedlund because he has a reasonable resemblance to Johanna Braddy and because he's the right age for Ash, but you're more than welcome to change the face if you find someone you'd rather use.

Concrete Details

There are a few concrete details that sort of... have to stay in place in order for Ash to match up with Emerson's history. The first is that he's much older than Emerson, having been 14 years old when she was born. It was no secret that Emerson was a bit of an accident, but the mentality between Ash and his mother was that she was a well-loved surprise, and definitely not a mistake.

Another thing to consider is that Ash grew up with both of his parents for fourteen years. The father in the Sinclair family died before Emerson was born, and their mother ended up dying when Emerson was six (Ash would have been twenty), so the amount of responsibility would have slowly been increasingly heaped on Ash's shoulders as he and his sister grew up. I never explicitly stated what their father died of, and their mother ended up dying of cancer (Ash shaved his head when their mother had to). If Ash ever had any desire to go to college, it probably got derailed at the point of his mother's death and he would have had to devote his time to taking care of his sister.

I also didn't explicitly state it in Emerson's profile, but I picture Ash as being... not very squeaky clean or savory in character, and it's very likely that he's gotten his hands dipped into criminal elements in order to keep his finances afloat and his sister's well-being looked after. Wound transferal is probably a very useful skill, after all.

Also, Ash did initially move around to keep people from getting a lead on his powers. Whether or not someone figured him out after he left Emerson behind (or before!) is entirely up to you!


I gave Ash the power of wound transferal when I was writing Emerson's profile. I thought the combination was just interesting. Basically, the gist of the idea is that Ash can take one hell of a beating and then transfer that over to someone else. That said, while Ash can effectively "heal" himself, the other person suffers for it. He also still feels pain, and if he's not quick enough to take someone else's wounds... well, there's a good chance he can die. He can also take wounds away from people if need be, but again... he'd have to either wait to heal naturally, or give the wounds away to someone else.

It's kind of like playing hot potato with bodily harm. Kind of cool, but kind of also a jerk move, and very gross at times.

If you have any questions, or need more information, feel free to send me a PM. I'm also willing to give out my SKYPE or GChat if needed. <3
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