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 War Looms on the Horizon, Evolutis vs. Revolutis
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 Posted on: Jan 28 2014, 02:01 AM

Highcrest, Vermont, USA

As the dust settles...

The Wheelers have fallen. The nefarious mutant-trafficking organization that had plagued the city with unexplained disappearances has recently run into the ground. Residents of Highcrest and students of Silas Academy are only just beginning to realize that the disappearances have come to an end and that they can rest assured knowing that their loved ones will not turn up missing the next day. But hardly a breath of fresh air will they take...

Darkness lingers...

In recent months, the Vox Evolutis has shown heightened activity and have stepped into the public eye. Recruitment into the mutant supremacist organization is at an all-time high as their influence in the city strengthens. They have managed to get their fingers around the city’s inner workings, controlling the decisions and actions of Highcrest’s bureaucracy to work in their favor. The Vox holds a number of politicians and high ranking leaders within the police force in the palm of their hand. If allowed to continue on their current trajectory, the city will soon belong to the Vox Evolutis.

The fight begins…

But the Vox’s oppressive, anti-human agenda and violent tactics has caused unrest amongst the city’s denizens. Humans and mutants alike have rallied on the doorsteps of Highcrest’s government buildings on a number of occasions, some in support, but most in opposition. They have demanded the ousting of the city’s leaders, but the Vox’s unyielding grip has ensured that no such changes would take place. Discontent and fear drove a handful of protesters to take their actions a step further.

And the war rages on…

A new organization forms under the name Mortali Revolutis. Humans and mutants alike flock to the fledgling group as it fights for equality, against the overwhelming tyranny of the Vox. Some fight for power while others battle for justice. The rest of us are left with an important decision: which side will you chose?

What will we lose before our war is done?

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