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 Seok, Sun-Hee, 19 - teleportation - student
all we do is think about the feelings that we hide
played by Timeless

 Posted on: Jun 1 2017, 05:35 PM
Silas Student
General »

Nickname: Sunny
Gender: Female
Birth-date: April 1
Birthplace: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sexuality: Awkward (just kidding: straight)

Appearance »

Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Height: 5"3
Build: Skinny
Scars: Little ones from teleporting above the ground accidentally.
Tattoos: Her parents would murder her >.>
Piercings: See above.

Basics »

  • deciding to bake a cake, write a book, or otherwise do things she's bad at…at 2 am.
  • compliments (c'moooon, who doesn't?)
  • fandoms, fandoms, fandoms
  • eavesdropping (you learn so many cool things)
  • saturday morning cartoons
  • naps (preferably in pilllow/blanket forts)
  • cookie dough
  • cute/adorable things but also…creepy things like scary video games and horror movies.
  • staying up laaaate
  • tv show marathons
  • singing stupidly loud when in the car
  • pranks (the funny kind, not the mean kind)
  • bright colors

  • arrogance (unless it's the joking kind which is funny)
  • being told to be quiet whenever she breaks out of her shell enough to be loud
  • jerkfaces
  • saying something awkward…and having no escape plan
  • people who talk about being "mature"
  • being tired (yet…she still stays up way too late)
  • cooking (everything…BUUUURNS. Plus, effort)
  • going to a party…and the person doesn't have a pet (now who is she supposed to talk to?)
  • second-hand embarrassment from a tv show/book
  • procrastinating (but it's an addiction she can't seem to break)
  • people who are all "let's go to the gym"…No.
  • work calling on her day off
  • teachers who lurk when she's trying to doodle

  • being "that weird new kid"
  • having nooooo life
  • abduction
  • friends making fun of her behind her back
  • motorcycles (she got in a wreck—but she's learning to ride motorcycles because she wants to conquer the fear)
  • peer pressure (her parents really pounded it into her head that there would be people at silas who are going to try to pressure her into bad stuff…like drinking and drugs)
Other Information:
  • She has three cats, a dog, and two rats. Clearly, she loves animals. The cats are all outside cats because of Sunny's rats, but the dog and the rats are pretty much bros. And no, her parents are not thrilled by the rats, but the rats are suuuper sweet, so no judging (they like hitching a ride in her backpack with her to school sometimes, shhh). The cats are: Hickory, Dickory, and Dock. The rats are: Pinky and Brain. The dog (a mutt) is Minion. And no, Sunny didn't name all of them. Her little brother helped…with some well-placed nudging from Sunny >.>
  • Sunny's little bro is 6 (yeah, big age gap), and his name is Yo-Han, but she calls him Yo-yo. He does not, however, like yo-yos, which is just a shame. Slinkies are more his game.
  • Sunny works at the comic book store in town part-time

Power Description »

To Sunny, her teleportation feels like she ceases to exist for the brief moment before "here" and "there." Depending on distance, teleporting can take from a few milliseconds up to ten seconds (the longest that Sunny has ever teleported so far). During that time, she experiences no conscious though or feeling. She simply "isn't" for a few moments.

The effect of teleporting ranges from a dizzying sensation to a bone-deep weariness that makes her want to take a ten-year nap (not all her naps are pure laziness, you know. Okay, some are). The latter, however, is only if she overdoes it, and since Sunny's parents have always made her play it safe, she doesn't fully know the limits of her power.

Further limitations include an inability to teleport outside her line of sight. If she's locked in a windowless room, she's not going anywhere. If, however, there is a window or someone has the power to render solid objects invisible, she's perfectly capable of escaping. Now, if the room is 5 stories up, it's riskier. The human eye doesn't always perceive distance and depth correctly, so if she miscalculates the distance to the ground before teleporting, she could end up falling and hurting herself, or otherwise smacking into the ground.

Sunny is also physically unable to teleport herself inside of things. This means that even if she miscalculates the distance to the ground and tries to teleport too far down, she won't be able to teleport at all. She'll feel the fleeting moment of weightlessness and then snap back to reality, a little dizzy but in the same place she started.

Another thing to note is momentum. Teleporting doesn't alter the kinetic energy currently in use. If Sunny is standing still when she teleports, she'll arrive in the new place standing still. If, however, she is running, she'll have to quickly continue running after reappearing, or she'll end up face planting—which has happened.

Lastly, when heightened emotions are in play, there is a fifty-fifty chance her attempts to teleport will fail. She has a harder time with intense negative emotions, but even positive emotions can be problematic. Overall, it's easier for her to teleport when her mood is more "neutral" or not extreme toward any emotion. But again, it does not render her completely incapable, just a bit…undependable.

Freestyle »

Let us, for a moment, consider the definition of sheltered. Or not, because that seems like a lot of work and I gotta be honest, I'm really feeling a juice box and then a nap. Teenagers are basically kindergartners, in case you didn't know. Except they swagger around like they know what they're doing and let's be honest, they don't. Or if they'd supposed to…then why wasn't I included in the big secret tell all? I wanna know! Unless it would mean no more naps. In which case, ignorance is bliss, my friends!

But back to that whole sheltered issue I was talking about. That's me. The picture right there in the dictionary next to the word. It's not like my parents were trying to hide me from the world or anything…it's just that my dad was psychic. Is psychic. This isn't a Disney movie, okay? I'm not an orphan destined for greatness. I spend most of my time just kind of pretending to be a burrito while I binge-watch netflix. Have I seen a specific episode of some random show that you love? Why yes, I have. I've seen every episode. Twice. Or more, because I. have. no. life. And I am not kidding.

So my dad apparently had some big, spooky vision when I was a kid that freaked him out so he was all "You shall not pass" every time I tried to walk out the door to go to school. That is not what you would call "typical" behavior from a parent. Forget faking sick, I was trying to prove that I wasn't going to die if I did some arithmetic. Not that I enjoy math. Who does? Besides those scary people that seem to know things they shouldn't. Like they can stare into your soul and see numbers—I wonder what numbers are on my soul…

Anyway, that all happened when I was around…eight? I was a teenybopper at the time. That's the word I hear a lot now. It's a fun one. Say it out loud. Do it. You laughed, right? Yeah, you totally laughed. Okay so, I was eight, and my dad flipped his lid and my mom tried to talk him out of it, buuuuut, they yanked me out of public school. And thus, my shut-in life was born. It was a magical time of discovering internet gaming and catching them all (pokemon, I mean).

Mom worked as a curator of a museum with all kinds of funky old stuff, so whenever I was bored out of mind being trapped at home, she would take me on "field trips"—so basically, I'd wander around in a spooky, dark museum while she got paperwork done. Night of the Museum doesn't do the creep factor justice. Mummies. Crypts. Old, freaky torture devices that I'm pretty sure tried to eat me a time or two. It was awesome—in a nightmare inducing kind of way. Ya feel me?

Dad worked as a financial consultant. He's one of the soul-seeing numbers guys. And since he can basically see into the future, I get the feeling he really does see souls sometimes. It's kind of…weird. He just goes rigid sometimes and then BAM, he's babbling about something or other that he saw. I live in my very own episode of Supernatural. Aren't you jealous? Well, you would be if Dean and Sam showed up because… I mean, come on, look at them! Not that I'd have the guts to say more than "hi." Or if I did, I'd just end up babbling on and embarrassing myself. This is what happens when someone is "sheltered." Zero socialization skills.

Up until about two years ago, life was pretty standard. If you call a psychic dad, a mysterious/terrifying vision about your future, and, well, my mom's pretty normal by comparison…standard. And don't bother asking about the vision my dad got so freaked over. I don't know. Sometimes they whisper about it, but despite all my eavesdropping skills, I still know zilch. Rude of them, since it's my future.

Like I was saying, two years ago, I suddenly went "poof." Now, I don't know what you understood by me saying "poof," but I'm talking, one second here and another not kind of poof. It went a little like: standing in my kitchen, talking to my mom and then suddenly being in the neighbor's backyard facing down their Rottweiler. And I like dogs. Love them, really. I have one. But have you ever faced down a Rottweiler after you terrified it by suddenly landing on its squeaky toy? I don't think so.

Now, I'm not a runner, but I could've won an Olympic medal for sprinting out of the yard. My mom was surprised, to say the least, but my dad just kind of stared at me for a really long time when I showed back up at the door. You'd think life would have changed after that, but other than the occasional poofing, nope. Mom and Dad carried on like I wasn't just randomly getting beamed up and down by some invisible Scotty.

And I think they would have liked to keep ignoring the issue, but then I nearly broke my neck falling after a particularly bad poof. I would have, I mean, if I hadn't managed to teleport myself to safety seconds before I hit the ground. After that, we packed up and moved to a town just outside of Highcrest. Dad wanted to live in Highcrest and have me commute to this school…Silas Academy, but Mom insisted I needed to do this "on my own."

So here we are. Zero social skills meets supernaturally charged boarding school. Absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong.

OOC Name: Timeless
Face Claim: Park Min Young
How did you find us? A map, obviously.

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