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 Pilarzyk, Reid Ethan, R.E.P., son.
Mortali Revolutis
Density Manipulation
It's Complicated
"Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds."
played by Timeless

 Posted on: Oct 8 2015, 01:00 AM
Reid Ethan
Density Manipulation
Mortali Revolutis
General »

Nickname: Reid (It's one syllable. If you can't say that much: find help.)
Gender: Male
Birth-date: March 30, 2021
Birthplace: Highcrest
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance »

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Height: 5"10
Build: Fit, on the slimmer side. Call him delicate and he'll end you, though.
Scars: Scars litter his sides, arms, and legs from accidents when he was still learning how to control his ability. He's proud of them and likely to show them off as much as the scar he got from getting shot (oh and the one on his back from getting stabbed by a Vox power negator).
Tattoos: None. He tried it out for his sister's amusement once, but he had her ink manipulator friend remove them. Not his style.
Piercings: Heck to the no.

Basics »

  • Playing chicken (note: cars hurt like a mother)
  • Violence (usually with some sort of parent-approved purpose. Usually.)
  • Baseball (people didn't play much in 2038 with the Vox hyper-controlling everything, but his dad taught him.)
  • Experimenting (his dad was a huge science nerd, and while Reid doesn't go that far, he's a curious one and loves poking the bear to find out how hard it can bite. And then seeing if he can make it bite harder.)
  • Protocol (The Mortali Revolutis have their rules for a reason, and Reid likes following them…if he doesn't decide they're dumb and going to get everyone killed or caught by the Vox.)
  • Control (Oh yeah, he's a control freak. He LOVES calling the shots—basically gets high off it, really. It's ridiculous.)
  • Infuriating his sister (In fairness, she does it back.)

  • Idiots (But really, does anyone like idiots? Besides his sister, who probably just enjoys watching their idiot selves do idiot things.)
  • Music (shhhh, it's blasphemous to admit that in his family. He just doesn't fully see the appeal. Now, gunfire? That's his music.)
  • History (it was never his best subject and MAN, he should've really been paying attention to how the revolution started.)
  • Whining/pouting/blah blah blah
  • Rain (you really can't make great shots in rain, okay? And it makes him slide around, and have you heard the phrase the taller they are the harder they fall? Try falling when you're in indestructo mode. It makes a cozy dent in the earth's crust.)
  • Fast food (It tastes like something died and crawled onto a bun.)

  • Being trapped in 2017 forever (he has a girlfriend to get back to.)
  • Failing to stop the Vox take over.
  • Watching his sister or his cousin die and not being able to do anything to help them.
  • Sometimes, after he shifts his density back to normal, he lacks any sort of sensation. He can't feel something he bumps into and he can't feel someone's touch. His body's nerves haven't stabilized and started processing information to his brain again, even though he could actually hurt himself in this state of limbo. In these moments, he's terrified he won't feel anything ever again. He's afraid he'll lose himself to his power like his mother did.
Other Information:
  • From the Vox-controlled future of 2038.
  • Travelled back in time with his cousin, Riley, and his sister, Ryker.

Power Description »
There's no finesse to my power. My sister can go on and on about how her power works, all the little tricks she uses. But I'm the human bulldozer. I think my dad had hoped I would get something like my mom's power, where I could be a part of the war without putting my physical body in danger. It would be safer, he thought. But see, I'm like him, which I'm good with. It takes me a second to get my power working, unlike my sister. She can phase through solid objects in the half a second it takes her to see something coming at her. I have to, I don't know, ground myself or something. I breathe for a second before it starts to work. I have to force myself, convince my brain I don't feel anything and then my body starts to fall into line with some kind of new reality.

The closest anyone can tell, my skin takes on the density of diamond. It's nearly impossible to cut or bruise me after I've gone into my indestructo mode. I've taken a head-on hit from a loaded Vox supply truck and walked away with only a fractured collarbone and some bruising. Yeah, try telling your mother you stepped in front of an oncoming truck and decided to see what happened. My mother looked ready to kill me herself, but nothing compared to how my dad reacted. If anyone's going to overreact, it's him. I mean…it was him.

Vox pretty much rule the world in my time, so I always knew my place in the world. My parents are, were, a part of the revolution: the Mortali Revolutis. And I always knew my whole job in life was to make sure the Revos won. It was simple and learning what I could do made it that much easier. My power's the only reason they let a seventeen year old kid onto their front lines. But my kind of power is really hard to sideline when people are dying every day for what they believe in.

The problem is, my density manipulation isn't always the easy ride it looks like. I can take on a lot, but there's always this moment after I shift back to my normal density that I can't feel anything. I've broken more bones than I can count in that "limbo" stage of the transition. I still feel invincible, even though I rationally know I'm not anymore. It's…dangerous and easy to forget about.

The other downside is my appetite. I eat more than the Hulk could scarf down. Changing the density to that kind of level takes a lot of calories and more energy than you would probably believe. The longer I stay invincible, the more energy reserves I need stocked up, and the longer recovery time I end up needing. I don't want to say I'm whiny or anything when I've got zero energy after a particularly long power trip, but I'm sure not gonna be into long conversations and a walk by the beach.

One time, though, my dad warned me that if I stay invincible too long, I could get stuck in the limbo after. I guess I've been too scared to find what my real limit is ever since. Longest I've gone is fifteen minute stretches.

Freestyle »
"How many walls do you plan on punching?" The idle question came from the girl critically examining her nails in the corner of the room.

A grunt was the only answer she received before another wall shattered and collapsed in on itself, for all outside witness as fragile as glass. Reid stepped over the pile of destroyed brick and mortar, his teeth grinding together almost audibly, even over the noise of the Vox's drones outside the building.

The girl sighed. "Reid, ignoring me is just going to want me to reenact the day we met."

He advanced to his fifth wall of the day. How the building was still standing was a miracle. He wondered how it would feel if everything collapsed down on him. Would he die? And if he did, would he feel it as everything crushed him to death? Or maybe he would suffocate. Even when he was full-on indestructible, he still needed air. But Kelsey was in the building too, and she would die. He hesitated with his fist hovering just over the brick.

A knife appeared in his peripheral vision, coming to rest against the hardened skin of his neck. He couldn't feel the blade, but he knew it was there. More than anything else, it was a symbol rather than a threat. She couldn't actually hurt him right now, and she knew it. He gripped her wrist, pulling her hand away and the blade with it. When he turned, she was staring him dead in the eye, chin lifted defiantly.

"You can't bring down a building just because you're hurting," she said. "And, I know, okay? I know it hurts, but just talk to me. I'll listen."

He stared down at her, his jaw still set and no words coming to his mind. He just wanted to smash through everything in sight because, for some reason, destroying something felt better than standing around helpless. Powerless. He'd never felt so completely…less.

"Reid…" Kelsey's voice shook as she sheathed the knife and then brushed her fingers against his cheek. "You have to admit it happened or you're just going to be the Vox's wrecking ball. The amount of noise you're making…they have to know we're here already. And you know the drones will bring teams to capture us."

His teeth unclenched, but he still couldn't find anything to say. Words didn't make anything better. His dad had been taken and executed. He was dead, and Reid's mom hadn't woken up from her astral projection. Everything was going to hell. The Vox were winning, and the Revos were doing what? They were sitting around on their hands telling him that they had to pick their battles. Damn right they had to pick their battles, and this was his. Screw them all.

"Hey." Kelsey's hand ran down his chest. He realized, belatedly, that he could feel her again. He hadn't even meant to shift back, but she somehow managed to draw him out of it. "I love you."

Feeling human again, he drew her into a tight hug and whispered against her hair. "I love you, too." It was the first time either of them had said it, and it was the only thing right in the world in that half second before the Vox swarmed the building and tore them apart.

He fought against their hold, felt his skin go hard, anger turning his body to some supernatural form of invincibility. His fist caved in the face of a man who pulled a gun. Bullets ricocheted off Reid's body, and he heard her scream somewhere in the haze of violence. But he kept fighting. It was a small team, the first answering unit to the report that was issued by the drones. More would be coming, but so were the Revos. Kelsey had been carrying a communicator with an emergency signal. She would have hit it when the Vox arrived.

But the Revos didn't come in time to save the handful of Vox. They hadn't brought a negator, which left them mostly defenseless and unable to give him the power-suppressant drug. Oh, there were mutants who could beat him. Reid was still young, inexperienced to some extent, but he was angry. Few things slowed him when he was well and truly pissed off.

Only one Vox lying on the ground groaned, signaling life. But Reid ignored her as he crouched beside Kelsey. A bullet had struck her near her collarbone. She exhaled sharply with a quiet whimper when he picked her up. "I'm sorry, Kel." The door of the building slammed open and a Revo team came in, guns ready. Reid swept out and into the cleared area. "Someone call a medical unit, get them ready for our arrival. More Vox will be on the way."

The Revos all knew him. The Pilarzyk family might not run anything, but they didn't live on the sidelines. Kelsey didn't have family though. She was a Vox experiment gone wrong, a human turned into a mutant through Project Eden—a mutant they couldn't control. He tried to hold her loosely in his arms, but all he wanted to do was tighten his grip as if he could hold the life in her and keep it there forever.

"Don't make me reenact the day we met to make you stay," he warned in a whisper, nearly tripping over his feet as he scrambled to get into a Revo vehicle and make it back to the base camp.

There were too many problems, too many crappy moments all at once for him to handle. She didn't die, but she was barely conscious when he told her goodbye. It was another of his sister's insane plans that he was going along with because he was afraid she was going to get herself killed. And Riley, their cousin. He couldn't handle anyone else he loved dying. So he did the most stupid thing anyone on the planet could do. He hopped in a time machine and went back to change everything. If they lost, maybe they could get home. If they won, they could save so many lives, but what would they lose in the process?

Would the parents he knew still have him and Ryker?

Would the girl who'd once slammed into him, running from the Vox, and held a knife to his neck still know him?

If saving the world meant losing everything you ever knew…would you?

God if only he knew it was the right decision.

OOC Name: Timeless
Face Claim: Drew Roy
How did you find us? TIME MACHINE—from the future where I had a social life and realized I had made a tragic mistake.
Killin' Nazis.
Crazy Cat Lady
played by Vel

 Posted on: Oct 18 2015, 02:05 AM

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT REID!!! And UGH that freeform is epic ;o; the ending! So perfect! >8D So much epicness to be had with Reid and Ry! <3 I CANNOT WAIT FOR ALL THAT IS IN STORE!

Now that your character's application has been accepted, please remember to do your claims as soon as possible and fill in your mini-profiles! But most importantly, have fun!!!

{ Face Claim }{ Power Claim }{ Who's Who }


to both your family and your cows I say: bravo.

i swear im not a nazi lover. just a hans landa lover.
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